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Le Dernier Temps

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In paperback format in the Jean K Saintfort online shop. Postage not included. For signing a book, please indicate it in the order.
The “great story” is that of the Wanderers, a non-violent people who can read minds. They return to their world. But it has changed. And they are unwanted. They must die.
The « little story » is the meeting between Joar, an anthropologist sent to study them, and Pheelle, a young woman with singular abilities.

The Wanderers, a nomadic people from the Earth’s diaspora, return to their host land, which has since been transformed into an industrial base. An anthropologist is sent to investigate their intentions. His meeting with a young native girl challenges his convictions. He discovers a community that is different from all those he has studied up to now. Non-violent, poetic, the Wanderers have been practising for generations to expand their consciousness and are able to read minds. But their world has changed and the Wanderers are now unwanted.

Jean K Saintfort renews the genre of anticipation by offering us a novel that is impressive, poetic and gripping. He has brought many new readers to discover this committed literature.


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