Discover Les Secrets de la maison de France

She inherited a family secret from her grandmother that needs to be discovered. He has a magical memory of a ten years old little girl that “runs through his mind ». When discovering your genealogy can change your life…

A well told story, based on an inheritance left by a French grandmother to her American granddaughter, with a genealogical puzzle at the end.
Jean-Louis BEAUCARNOT, journalist, « Pape » of French genealogy, Revue Française de Généalogie.

A fascinating “roman-plaisir”, between memories and confidences. 
Florence GANIVET, journalist, deputy editor-in-chief (magazine, Conseils des Notaires).

A talented and clumsy decorator, Madeline despairs of finding the man of her life. A posthumous letter from Adele, her grandmother, informs her of a secret. Leaving New York, armed with the advice of a psychogenealogist, Madeline returns to France.

Sent back to her childhood as a little orphan, Madeline tracks down the clues to her incomplete genealogy in France. When she discovers that her grandmother is not who she thought she was, she decides to sell everything. But a whimsical notary, a strange old lady she meets at a garage sale, a talented geek, and Andrea, a gifted painter with mild Asperger’s tendencies, shake up her certainties and help her open her heart.

A dialogue through time between a grandmother and her granddaughter, genealogy, mysteries, enchanted encounters and a pinch of fantasy… With « Les Secrets de la maison de France », Jean K. SAINTFORT offers us a joyful, original and charming novel that brings the generations together.

And, for once! he tells us that family secrets are also love and that we can get happiness from them.

An addictive story, well rooted in everyday life, which leaves the mystery hanging until the end.
Readers are talking about it.

This novel contains a beautiful gallery of women’s portraits… (It) is composed of a lot of humour and humanity… Nelly TOPSCHER. Amazon.

J K Saintfort reminds us of the importance of telling our loved ones that we love them, before time catches up with us, and invites us to dust off our past in order to better look to the future… A benevolent novel in these troubled times.
KIM, Babelio.

A love story that is off the track.
Laure ENZA, columnist, Nourritures Livresques.

Extraordinary pen of a skifull writer for those who love beautiful writing. 
Philippe JF Blanchet. Babelio.

A romantic comedy that could make a very good film. I couldn’t help but shed my little tear twice.
Anne-Marie BOUGRET, Booknode, diamond rating.

Once you start it, you can’t bring yourself to close it again, even if it means spending the night.
Marie-Hélène LE MOUEL, Babelio.

Go for it! An author to follow without any doubt!
Jack-Laurent AMAR, writer, Amazon, 5 stars.

I was literally embarked in this story, which is told with such sensitivity and tenderness that I often forgot that the author was a man, which for me is a compliment
. Agathe. La Fnac.

This novel keeps the reader on the edge of his seat from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed reading it immensely. Carinette, Amazon “Testeurs Vine”, 5 stars.

A novel, written like a film, which allows us to gently familiarise ourselves with some of the great themes of our time: psychogenealogy, Asperger’s syndrome… Jean K Saintfort joins the club of authors promoting personal development.
Claudia, Goodreads.

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