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The ‘great story’ is that of the Wanderers, a non-violent people who can read minds. They return to their world. But it has changed. And they are unwanted. They must die.
The « little story » is the meeting between Joar, an anthropologist sent to study them, and Pheelle, a young woman with singular abilities.

The Wanderers, a nomadic people from the Earth’s diaspora, return to their host land, which has since been transformed into an industrial base. An anthropologist is sent to investigate their intentions. His meeting with a young native girl challenges his convictions. He discovers a community that is different from all those he has studied up to now. Non-violent, poetic, the Wanderers have been practising for generations to expand their consciousness and are able to read minds. But their world has changed and the Wanderers are now unwanted.

Readers’ comments
I was caught up in this story. The author, with a pen whose beauty and refinement I must salute, paints us a divide between two peoples who have a very different vision of the world and approach to life. The dreamer, Amazon.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to experience something out of the ordinary. Le Dernier Temps is definitely not just another read and is well worth the detour!
Langlois L, Goodreads. (Canada)

An impression of the film “La Belle Verte”, by Coline SERREAU, crossed with “La nuit des temps” by BARJAVEL.
Thaïsaita, Amazon Canada.

Her encounter with the Wanderers, and especially Pheelle, is just intoxicating, breathtaking.
Readers’ moment,

Right from the prologue, the author gets us to the heart of the matter, by tackling two themes that will intertwine throughout the novel. On the one hand, the question of non-violence as a political act of opposition and liberation, on the other hand, the consideration of the emotional dimension in the evolution of the human species. Betmalle, Babelio.

Like an alchemist, Mr. Saintfort makes a sophisticated amalgam with a drop of Isaac ASIMOV (Foundation), a pinch of Arthur C. CLARKE (2001 Space Odyssey…), a few millilitres of Stephen KING (Shining), and a whiff of romance. Then, by mixing it all with Tom CLANCY’s suspense (Hunt of Red October) and BACH’s mystical experiences (Jonathan Livingston Seagull), he manages to take us on an adventure to obtain the literary philosopher’s stone which, while not giving him eternal life, will at least give him a long career as a novelist. Guylauteur, Babelio.
After the huge success of « Avatar », I would suggest James CAMERON to direct Le Dernier Temps. JYC33, KOBO.
This masterpiece (yes, yes, let’s not be afraid of words) is in the vein of the greatest Science Fiction books, from DUNE to Alain DAMASIOSébastien M, La Fnac.
A unique universe, a new literary genre, a sensory experience… at the verge of the tale, the poem and the saga.

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